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Home selling process

A Strategic Home Selling Process

Experience a streamlined and rewarding home-selling process with Denise Bortolotti, a seasoned Realtor specializing in Downtown Pittsburgh luxury properties. Leveraging her extensive market knowledge, Denise is dedicated to maximizing the value of your property and guiding you through each step of the selling journey.

Property Evaluation

Initiate the selling process with a thorough evaluation of your property. Denise conducts a comprehensive analysis, considering market trends and your home’s unique features to determine the optimal listing price.

Strategic Home Preparation

Maximize your home’s appeal. Denise provides strategic recommendations for enhancing your property’s presentation, ensuring it stands out in the competitive Pittsburgh real estate market. From staging to minor repairs, set the stage for a successful sale.

Customized Marketing Plan

Gain exposure in the right places. Denise designs a tailored marketing plan, leveraging both traditional and digital channels to showcase your property to potential buyers. High-quality photos, compelling descriptions, and targeted outreach ensure maximum visibility.

Negotiation Expertise

Navigate offers with confidence. Denise utilizes her negotiation skills to secure the best terms for you. From price negotiations to contract details, she ensures a fair and advantageous deal that aligns with your goals.

Efficient Transaction Management

Experience a hassle-free transaction process. Denise oversees all aspects of the sale, from coordinating inspections to managing paperwork. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures a smooth and efficient journey towards closing.

Post-Sale Support

Count on continued support even after the sale. Denise remains committed to your satisfaction, providing assistance with any post-sale needs. Transition into your next chapter with ease, knowing you have a reliable partner by your side.

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